4 nov. 2008

Crisis or Blood

I won’t talk about the agenda setting subject in mass media nowadays and not even about the fact that the crisis is real having an international dimension. Lots of people are already assuming this issue on: blogs, TV channels, in written press, in social media and in on line. I would like to talk about what I feel because that is what I feel for sure and I can assume it. And I am sure that every of us is feeling the same. The crisis is in my veins, in ours. I live it, I feel it, I smell it and I taste it every bloody second. And I am afraid. I can not hide anymore in subjective reasons. Facing the objective true is now the fact everybody should accept. As I and somebody else before previously said, if a tree is falling in the forest and nobody is there for hearing it, is it really falling?
The crisis is every tree that will fall with or without us being there for assisting at. Romania is like a forest now. It is transforming through all its trees that are falling. It is an objective fact. All the forest will be in 2-3 years reseeded with new trees, more powerful and even more adapted to the natural environment. However, those powerful trees that "have stories to tell us" will remain. Romania will be in 3 years more powerful than ever. It will mean: more powerful economy, more powerful investors, more competitive developers and financial institutions, more flexible and opened suppliers and a more educated customer. I believe so. It is a subjective feeling, however based on facts and on a natural instinct. It is functioning as an eco environment. Romania needs more than ever a crisis through its veins.

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