11 nov. 2008

I met Lara Croft

Today I met Lara Croft. Very impressed by her appearance in Second Life, I found it the sweeatest and inteligent one in the real one. Lara Croft is living in the middle of Bucharest and has many interesting thinks to tell us about a life she perfectly understands aiming to contribute to its development. Because of her, Bucharest will be soon discovered by many of us, by many people over the world that have already an avatar or none, yet :-d, and even to Romanians. Bucharest will be reflected as a full of cultural values city thanks to her. I can not tell you more by now. You just meet her in Second Life. You can not even imagine how many thinks she has to tell you. Just listen her story.

2 comentarii:

  1. I really need to get into Second Life, I know nothing about it! It sounds so cool x

  2. It's so simple. Just enter on www.secondlife.com, then press Get Started, then follow the 1,2,3 steps, filling in the fields and press create account. That's all. You exist in Second Life with an avatar called, dressed and imagined by yourself to be so. You create your own world. It's different, I guess it is a unique sensation you need to try. Soon, Virtual Bucharest will be over, at the beginning of December, and you will have the ocassion to see, on the 1st phase, Bucharest rediscovered through its cultural and social values. Meet you in Second Life :-D. I miss London also.