28 iun. 2018

5, 4, 3, 2,1, Change

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Change. That's an interesting formula to change your way of thinking and to pass through a No, I can not to Yes, I can do it. Daily, we are facing with the mental barriers that refrain us for doing the best for us, to take the best decision for us. The mental barriers stop us for taking small decisions that could change the way we behave, the things we do, the way we treat people and the way we see and treat ourselves: wonderful, full of kindness, fulfilled, positive, full of LOVE. We are emotions controled by our brain. But we can learn how to control it, by switching his path. He dominates us because he actually protects us from danger and for us. In this state it is more normal to refuse something that we perceive as bad for us. The confort zone.
From my personal experience I have always been a winner in the situations I chose to be different, to dare, to try the unknown path. And when, tempted to say No, I said YES. As human beings in spite of having the day by day sensation we are not capable of doing something, we have an infinite potential in us, to love, to be kind, to be different, to do exactly what we want to do. We just refrain ourselves because our brain keep us apart from the next step that could change our lives.

All the smart and fundamental thinks in life are incredible simple. Just stop a little bit and 5,4,3,2,1, Change

13 apr. 2016

68% dintre romani vor sa isi cumpere masina

Cel mai recent studiu initiat de New Kopel Group, in 2015 si continuat anul acesta, pe un esantion de 100 de persoane fizice, prin metoda chestionarului, a scos la iveala rezultate interesante. Astfel ca, 97% dintre respondenti au declarat ca au deja o masina de familie, in crestere cu 13% fata de 2015. 68% dintre acestia, cu 14% mai mult decat in 2015, intentioneaza sa isi cumpere o masina noua in viitorul apropiat. 6%, cu 4% mai mult decat anul trecut, cred ca nivelul de trai este mult mai bun decat in 2015, 24% declara ca este mai bun, iar 50%, ca acesta va ramane la fel ca in 2015.

Ca si metoda de achizitie, 30% prefera plata in numerar si 28%, creditul. 11% ar prefera un contract de leasing. 33% au declarant ca Programul Prima Masina ar trebui sa acopere si masinile second hand si 52% evalueaza Programul ca fiind bun.