3 nov. 2008

Holydays are the week-end of the year – for Nicey

"Holydays are the week-end of the year", I woke up Sunday morning thinking. And all this after I have dreamt all night long how I left extremely happy from an exam where I did all perfectly well, and, when I took the results, I received an F. I asked one of my colleague from the primary school, the best one (the colleague) - "What is the mark you received?” And she hardly answered with frustration: "I do not understand why I received only 9 (almost A). I had not expected". And me: "Let it be, everybody knows you are the best from all. May it be you had written with the pencil and you know the teacher does not like writing with pencil.” I am waiting for my IELTS exam results this week and It comforts me the thought that I had not left very satisfied with what I did. Freud might be right here.

I watched, on Saturday night, a film, very good indeed, at Pro Cinema - American History X, with Edward Norton. Why do they broadcast the best films so late all the time? It is ok, anyway, I could not sleep after a beer and a pizza at Tratoria di Verdi (I recommend this place).

Anyway, 2 weeks have left from a year complicated enough and I can’t decide myself: Viena or Prague for the New Year Eve. Uf, New Year again!! And in the year that is to pass, I have't have succeeded to do what I intended to do. At least I traveled to London and to Berlin. If the last one is a city that I would go visit again, London is the city I would like to live. I can easily remember that Saturday night I was stepping on the green carpet of grass in front of the Berlin Dom or maybe it was Hyde Park...

4 comentarii:

  1. They broadcast good movies so late 'cause in the prime time we got shows 4 the stupid people.
    Go Viena, it will prepare you 4 Praga. ;)

  2. I already chose Viena. A very inspiring weekend :-D

  3. American History X is so good - disturbing but amazing.

    I think if I could live in any city, it would be New York - but there are so many cities I want to visit too - Prague and Vienna for sure!

  4. You konow that, films that create emotions and make you think and feel later after about different aspects of life. I love them. :-D I think I would chose Vienna. I will be back with some photos. I love making photos. They keep seconds alive.