9 nov. 2009

"Make promisses you can deliver, after it will come trust!"

Today, the agency I have been working for more than 4 years by now, received the visit of Richard Linning - IPRA Vice President and President Elect 2011. We organised a mini press informal meeting and we were delighted to discover a full of essence personality and a great international PR expert.

I will develop some Richard Linning statements that drew my attention today:

Talking about the Romanian PR market, Richard Linning said: "You are getting younger!", meaning the infusion of youg profesionals in this field. Should be the PR domain a trend in Romania? I never proposed to myself to follow this field, before. I discovered its beauty practicing it. So, I allow myself not to consider it a hobby or a trend.

Regarding the actual international context, Mr. Linning said: "We operate in a context that has changed in a fundamental way ... and the only think you can not recuperate is trust. And in PR it is all about trust".

Regarding old mass media and the traditional main focuss in PR communication, Mr. Linning stated: "the journalist is not a channel anymore". So, new media is the new PR focuss and the final customer is the main and the only important target.

"Make promises you can deliver, after it will come trust", stated Mr. Linning, and I believe this fact defines the main idea of PR I believe in also.

Hope we will have Mr. Linning again in our agency. He promissed to us, so this is inevitable :-d

About Mr. Richard Linning
Founder and Senior Partner, The Stable House PartnershipFellow and IPRA President Elect 2011, Fellow CIPR

During a career in international public relations Richard Linning has been responsible for public and corporate affairs, marketing campaigns, crisis management, international media and public relations program coordination and mentoring in every continent.

He is much in demand as a conference speaker and trainer in public relations disciplines.

He has lectured and written extensively on the potential and pitfalls of the use of the new media by public relations practitioners, as well as providing training in its ethical applications.

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